i love you… intermittently

seemed like a good title, considering I barely get time to update this lately. I still don’t have a web interface for my sorry-ass excuse for a blog system. But at least I wrote it all myself, and it doesn’t use insecure protocols to update, like blogger does. I don’t like blogger.

Switched to the bus from the train. It’s cheaper, has a more flexible schedule, and gets me home an hour earlier. I sacrifice a bit of comfort, but that’s liveable.

What else… work is going just dandy. Sure, it’s a Microsoft shop, but I can live with that. I do wish I had at least some more RAM in my machine, but what can you do – I’m a lowly co-op. Everyone’s happy with my work though, so I’m happy.

I think my Newton is developing the jaggies.
It’s sad. My pen calibration is drifting, and the right side fo the screen has it the worst. I need to try and fix it. Can’t live without Newton.

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