Maria Jozina Rehorst (1921-2002)

My grandmother’s funeral was on Sunday. There’s a lot of things I could say about the service, but above all I thought that everyone involved did the best job that they could have. My Uncle Adrian and Aunt Annette (the youngest and oldest siblings) did a very touching eulogy. My cousin Kassandra recited a poem she had written, something which I probably couldn’t have done. My dad gave the thanks at the end. Even the words of the Reverend were very appropriate.

All of the male grandchildren acted as pallbearers: we carried her down the steps of the funeral home to the hearse, and then from the hearse to her final resting place.

Beforehand, I was thinking in general about funerals. It occurred to me that funerals are the one family event where no one takes pictures. I thought that was a little strange, but I was happy when I saw my cousin Andrea with her SLR and my Uncle John with his digital. I wish I had brought my digital.

I also realized that this was the first time since some Christmas many years ago that the entire family was together. I don’t know all the whys or hows of why we all stopped getting together, but I don’t see any good reason for it. Our differences should make no difference – there are no wrongs between any of us. I know that a few of you read this space. Think about it.


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