what is happening with Newtontalk, you ask?

Here’s the 411:

  • Sometime this weekend, PINS.net, the provider to Guns Media, who host the Newtontalk.net server, messed something up, causing Guns’ T1 connection to go down.
  • This was soon noticed by me and other Guns people, who wondered what was going on.
  • After some running around and trans-atlantic phone calls, we found out from Bill of Guns Media that PINS had messed something up, and that they were aware of it now and were working on it.
  • However, there’s still no ETA as to when things will be back up.

So, Newtontalk is not going anywhere, things will be back up, and in the future I will keep an offsite backup of the subscriber list to let everyone know.

Also, I believe today is the one year anniversary of the list moving to its current digs, and we’ve only had one major unscheduled outage!


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