what a beautiful state I’m in

Where has all the time gone? I don’t know, but let’s not answer that question right now. Let’s try to write and submit this whole entry before I accidentally close Mozilla and lose half of it. Good idea. So what do I have to talk about?

  • First, a confession. When I first heard that Kylie Minogue was “back” (at least in Canada, she never really lost her popularity outside of North America), I laughed, immediately classified her as trash, and went to listen to something else. But the last few weeks, I started listening to it, and I like it. Most of the songs have a decidedly house feel, and I enjoy house music a lot. But I’m still a little ashamed.
  • In other music news, this morning I finally gave Boards of Canada a good listen. They’re awesome. So awesome. Go and get it.
  • NewtonTalk’s outage problems are gone. We hired some geeks to protect the wiring cabinet from Verizon techs. In return, they get to beat up Verizon techs. Win-win 🙂
  • Tomorrow I’m leaving for a vacation! I’m going (with my Mom) for about three weeks to visit my grandparents and other relatives in Subotica (pronounced SOO-bo-TEE-tica, not SUB-ot-i-ka). My priorities will include relaxing, taking nice walks to the park, taking lots of photographs, eating some good food, and doing a minimum of computing and e-mail reading.
  • When I get back, I’ll have a ton of things to do as usual. Some parts of this site need major work. I’m going to totally re-do the photos section. The hardware list needs updating. Maybe some design tweaks are in order too. I’ve got new software that isn’t on the Software part yet. UNNA badly needs an update. Sandy is going to miss me a lot while I’m away (and I’ll miss her a lot too), so we’ll have to do some fun outings – maybe do the tourist-y things in Toronto or something? I haven’t done that in a while.
  • Yesterday I filmed presentations all day at an internal function here at work. When I get back, I’ll have to capture seven hours of footage (thank dog for FireWire and miniDV), do some (hopefully simple) editing, and master some VCDs.
  • Also, when I get back Calum and I are going to hack my old AST Ascentia J30 into a digital picture frame, connected to a wireless network. Calum’s done this twice recently, and I hope to duplicate his results on old PowerBooks with my crappy P100. I can’t wait. More details will of course be here, and we might even roll a page together about doing this kind of thing.

I’ve also been thinking on writing a page on how to drive (at least on 400-series highways in Southern Ontario), cause there are many people who can’t. And I’d like to try and teach them before I beat them up.


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