frontier psychiatry

So I’m back, in the country and on my website. While I was gone, Stan moved, and where Stan goes, the server goes, and where the server was going, a new DSL hookup had to be done, and anyone who’s been there know how bad that can go. So we’re back. And PHP got upgraded, but for some reason the smart people at PHP changed the default way of accessing variables from web form POST data. So I fixed that last night. And now I’m back, as I said.

It’s nice to be back, thanks. Sometimes the best thing about your trip is coming home and seeing everything you’ve been missing. Like the people you love, the English language, high-speed internet access at home, and slightly more sane drivers. But I wish I could find Schweppes Bitter Lemon (they say it’s bottled in Canada – but NO STORE CARRIES IT), old world charm, and dense tree-lined streets.

So, it’s back to commuting, and now looking for a job, since this little stint is done at the end of August. Anyone looking to hire a gung-ho UNIX sysadmin who hand-codes tools in Perl, PHP, MySQL, and bash?


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  1. Contact me with a mailing address, and I’ll send ya’ some Schweppes if you can’t find any.

    We’ve got a job, too, but it involves moving to Oz…