vroom vroom

Okay, so that was a lame title. Whatever, I’m too tired to think of a good one now.

My entire weekend was filled with taking my motorcycle safety course with the CMA. It’s a pretty intense 3-day affair (Friday evening, and all day Sat & Sun). I pretty much went from knowing nothing about driving a real motorcycle (since my scooter has a sidecar, it really doesn’t count) Saturday morning to doing emergency stops and swerves at 50kph today. And I passed my test, so in a month I’ll be able to upgrade my licence to an M2, one step closer to never taking another driving test ever again. Sigh, graduated licencing… and only another week or two of scooter-riding before it has to be put away.

Oh yeah, and I convocated, and it was great, but I’m too lazy to post photos yet, especially because I don’t have any good ones. My mom does, bug she uses real film. Ugh, how primitive 🙂


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