movies and movies and movies, oh my!

Seen quite a few movies in the past week: The Ring and 8 Mile in theatres, and Mulholland Drive on DVD.

The Ring was scary as all hell, and I spent most of it with my head buried in Sandy’s shoulder: she likes scary movies, I don’t. The plot was very very good though.

I enjoyed 8 Mile a lot. As Sandy pointed out to me afterwards, it didn’t seem as autobiographical as the press would make you think. It was still a good story, and I enjoyed the hiphop. Eminem also did a pretty damn good job acting (or is that just how he is all the time?)

Mullholland drive is bar-none the most messed up movie I’ve ever seen. I really don’t get it, and I don’t think I’m supposed to get it. It was quite a ride though.

Tomorrow I’m seeing Bowling for Columbine tomorrow. Should be great. Apparently, it’s already on track to be the most successful documentary of all time.


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