I hope we’re all on the same page here…

…everyone has noticed that Americans have gone completely wacko, right? I mean, at least when it comes to certain things. Take this, for example. Now, I rode the Greyhound a lot over the summer, and I can’t think why these people wouldn’t have just gone and tried to talk to the driver before, say, firing up the phones and calling in the state patrol. But I do think that this is similar to the situation most computer users come into: given the choice between reading the manual and phoning someone, most people will phone someone. These people did the same thing.

Of course, a few things have shown me what kind of nutty thinking is going on down there across the border. First, there’s Bowling for Columbine. I really want to see this again. It really is a great film about American culture, not just gun culture, but what drives people to arm themselves, in some cases enough to kill everyone on their block (or in their town). Then there’s Gore Vidal’s essay The Enemy Within.

I start my new job tomorrow! Woohoo!

Wanny buy some ponies?


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