Wow. The US did something right?

This crap. So they stop the ship. It’s carrying missiles. The US suspects that they may be being shipped to a “potential terrorist nation.” WTF is that? I’ll bet about half the world is a “potential terrorist nation” by now. No one really likes the US anymore – other nations are giving them weird looks, as if to say “What the heck are you guys smoking over there?”

So anyways. The US actually ADMITTED that they have no authority to seize the shipment. One would think that they should be encouraging the Yemenis to buy arms – I mean, isn’t this what the US does? Stockpiling arms in order to bully everyone else around (not to mention prop up the economy)? Heck, that’s the American way! Sell ’em some Patriots in case those Scuds go off course!

What bloody hypocrites.


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