American officials totally ignorant of clean power sources – more old news at 11

This story caugh my eye because it mentioned inspectors going to Iran to examine nuclear sites. Not UN weapons inspectors, but the IAEA, to make sure that Iran isn’t developing nuclear technology for weapons uses.

The thing about this that made me laugh out loud was in the third from last paragraph:

The US says it is concerned that Iran intends to develop weapons-grade plutonium there.
American intelligence officials argue that this is the only reason why an oil rich state like Iran would need a nuclear power plant.

Uhm… have these people ever heard of not burning oil in order to not flood half the planet in a hundred years? You know, the environment and all that? Maybe they’re all thinking like the Rich Texan from The Simpsons? “In Texas, we got rid of the environment, and it made everyone a looooot happier!” Or they’re too short-sighted by their own witch hunt for “evil” to see the obvious use. Pathetic.


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