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I’ve been collecting great Newton news sites. Here’s my list:

  • Newton Does It. This site is usually updated faster than my brain 🙂 Andre does such a damn fine job with updates, I’m starting to think he might be the most advanced web robot of all time 🙂
  • Newton Enlightenment. As above, but with images and much richer content, and a nice events list too.
  • Newton Dose. For your daily Newton fix, when you don’t feel like reading 100 messages 🙂

We’re going to see LOTR:TTT on Wednesday, at 6, at the Paramount in Toronto. Schweeeet.

An awesome interview with Shigeru Miyamoto that also manages to be an article about the future of games. (Miyamoto is the brain at Nintendo behind Mario, Zelda, and just about every videogame innovation you’ve ever heard of). In short: some people think that Miyamoto is holding back the industry because his games are too child-like. I love what Miyamoto says: “I am not convinced that being more realistic makes better games.” That’s my philosophy as well.


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