I’m feeling a tiny bit better. My head is still pounding though.

I totally forgot to write about a bunch of stuff. On Wednesday we saw LOTR:TTT on the IMAX screen at Famous Players Paramount in Toronto. It kicked ass. I think I can say without spoiling it too much that I was happy to see some of the humour introduced in the extended version of the Fellowship continue on in TTT.

I got Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for my GBA. It’s my first, and probably going to be my only GBA game. Link to the Past has gotta be my #2 classic game – surprassed only by Chrono Trigger. I’ve almost finished it, of course – I can remember just about everything about it, except for how to go through the friggin’ Ice Palace (grr!) and where the Magic Cape and Quake medallions are. It’s such a good game though, and quite a faithful port. I was thoroughly disappointed to see that the additional game, The Four Swords, required at least two people for play. Once you finish The Four Swords, you can play an extra dungeon that has been added to Link to the Past! Fie on you Nintendo. I guess I’ll just have to use my Flash2Advance backup system, which shipped today! Damn that makes me happy. Damn damn damn. Straight outta Hong Kong, no less. Oh yeah.

We’re going to see my parents at the cottage for a pre-Xmas dinner tomorrow. We’ll be seeing Sandy’s kin over Xmas itself. Sandy and I exchanged our gifts yesterday ’cause we’re still 8 year old kids like that 🙂 I think we were both happy and suprised at what we got each other. I’ve gotten a lot better at this “shopping for your significant other” thing since last year, that’s for sure… I was flippin’ out last year. No more of that tomfoolery.


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