why in blue blazes am I still at the office?

Damn, I’m too fast on the enter key. And I don’t have a real content management system, but instead a web form, a few lines of PHP, and some bash scripts. But using FTP and its insecure logins is just evil. Truly.


Why am I still at the office? I’m almost the only one left in my group, or on my floor actually. I’m waiting for my train, which doesn’t leave until 5:40pm. I suppose I could have jumped on the Greyhound and gotten home sooner, but the Greyhound sucks. I have developed an extreme dislike to it since I took it twice a day for two months over the summer. (Damn, the summer was so long ago!) Sometimes you get good driver, usually you get awful drivers. Occasionally the buses are nice, but usually the buses suck ass. All the buses are cramped (for me at least – I’m 6 foot 2, aka 188cm (tall!)). Some of them smell bad. Not all of them have air conditioning or heating. And let’s not forget that you still have to contend with bad traffic. It’s just shitty, period. The only good thing about it is that it runs about a billion times a day between Toronto and Guelph.

Now that I can afford it, I commute on the VIA train. It’s very nice, roomy, comfortable seats all the time, doesn’t feel like a sardine can, is always air conditioned or heated, and is very very seldom late. It only runs three or four times a day, though – and that’s why I’m still here, because train 87 doesn’t leave for another hour and a half.

In the meantime, I’ve been updating WikiWikiNewt. And generally just surfing the web. I’m now seriously considering just going to Union station and sitting on a bench for an hour playing Tengen Tetris via PocketNES on my GBA until the train comes in. Adios. Have a Happy New Thing.


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