And the winner is…

The winner of the “Website that I envy most” award goes to… Adam Tow for!!! A close runner-up to Grant Hutchinson for splorp. borrows lots of ideas from Philip Greenspun and for good reason. I own a copy of Philip and Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing and while it might feel out of date to read it now, the key concepts are still very important and too often ignored on the web. Namely, content is king, and so is allowing people at large to contribute to this content easily. My friend Jon has set up his own little corner at that’s really neat. Problem is that 1) he programs in VBScript/ASP and 2) I don’t seem to have that much time to write custom code for my website. I just want to publish

I’m itching to get this cruft gone. Stan said he’d work on getting MovableType installed for me… Stan, you there still? No rush or anything, but if you’re working that hard, maybe you should take a break and do me a favour 🙂

Note: no name brand shrimp flavour oriental noodle cups don’t taste anything like shrimp, unless you close your eyes and concentrate really hard.

I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before: WhoWouldBuyThat? is a collection of bizzare auctions.


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