hrm, lunch.

I haven’t had lunch yet, only an extremely spicy instant Korean noodle cup. Yesterday I picked up some sushi – three salmon sashimi, one tuna sashimi, six california rolls (they were kinda small), a bowl of miso soup and all the fixings for $8 plus tax ($9.20). Kinda expensive for lunch, but it was good, and it wasn’t Subway, which I have been frequenting WAY too much. And my usual hot dog guy hasn’t been around the past few weeks – probably on vacation, and he’s the only one that I know is fresh, because he doesn’t stay open 24 hours. Hot dog carts that don’t move are sketchy as hell. There’s always lots of them around my building because we’re right in front of the SkyDome – sporting even crowds, you know.


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  1. “Lady, he’s putting my kids through college!”

  2. heh. I ended up going to lunch with my dad and one of his co-workers instead.