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oh yeah, other things from my sleep-deprived mind

Today is Sandy’s birthday! She is 24, uh, 21! Yeah! And, I finally finished my homemade digital picture frame on the weekend. 5-minute epoxy is my friend. The frame is on so it looks nice, I just have to figure out how to mount the power switch nicely on the front and cover up some […]

gah! curse this fatigue!

I just spend an hour trying to figure out why my script wasn’t writing any output and not producing any error messages. I left out one tiny little damn statement. Grrrr………

I didn’t go to Sleater-Kinney on Monday. I am somewhat kicking myself for this, and if you’d like to come and give me a swift kick in the ass and yell “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, MAN!!!!!” then be my guest. But when the friend you were going to go with informs you a hour and […]