I didn’t go to Sleater-Kinney on Monday. I am somewhat kicking myself for this, and if you’d like to come and give me a swift kick in the ass and yell “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, MAN!!!!!” then be my guest. But when the friend you were going to go with informs you a hour and a half before the show that she is having serious problems, it sucks. I hope you’re alright, J. No hard feelings, seriously. It just kinda put me down for a while. And since I had driven all the way in that morning, I had to drive all the way back to Guelph, which took 2:40 during rush hour. During the first hour, I moved a total of 6.5km.

Okay, so now that I think about it I REALLY REALLY wanted to go to that show. A lot. At least Wes went, so I can read his take. Cool. Damn, maybe if I had gone I would have found him and at least remotely known someone there. Fuck. I need more caffeine this morning. I get paid tonight, but I have less than $20 right now because my parking ticket cheque just went through. I guess it’s a good thing that it didn’t bounce. So anyways, I can’t take out cash to buy coffee and I only have green tea here at work. this. sucks. i. am. grumpy. and. i. need. to. launch. this. site. today. Maybe I should just stop listening to Rage Against the Machine and get along with my life?

Enough griping. There have been good things too, I just need to vent. On Monday I finally got my Zelda Bonus Disc! This is given to everyone with a pre-order on the new Zelda GameCube game, and it has Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the previously-unreleased Master Quest on it, as well as movies for current and upcoming games. First thing I did was watch the movie for F-Zero, and immediately after I almost creamed my pants. WOW. If the game really actually looks like that, it will be insane. The draw distance alone… anyways. I also started playing Ocarina, which I have never played before. I’ve never played a 3D Zelda game before, so its taking some getting used to, but not as much as Metroid Prime. I’m not used to the non-linearness and the hella inflexible camera. But it’s fun. And it’s a new game, and who can beat that? I wish I had more time for games. And everything else.

Also, yesterday Sandy got me a present that totally floored me. Thanks, Hon.

I will write more later.


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  1. Rage Against the Machine RULES!! WOOO!
    Parking tickets suck! I still have 6 from college that I haven’t paid yet. Apparently you don’t have to pay them, because I’ve since renewed my license and got new plates, without any problems.
    I hate the camera in Zelda — and most 3D games for that matter. Why can’t they get it right?!?