I’m not angry at everyone anymore, don’t worry.

The freaky April ice storm on Thursday evening created an unexpected three-day weekend for Sandy and I – there was no way I could have gotten to work on Friday, and the University was closed for the first time in twenty years. Besides watching a lot of Six Feet Under this weekend (almost caught up – four more episodes to go), we went to a really cool place in Guelph called You’re Fired (article) where you choose pre-made pottery, paint it however you want, and then pick it up in a week after it’s been fired. Sandy made a pair of wine glasses, while I bit off more than I could chew (as usual) and chose a BIG water dish for the cats, one that Oliver can’t knock over, darn it. In the end, I was not quite finished (still need to do a second coat over much of it) and Sandy had finished the two glasses and even did a mug for me to take to work. Hopefully on Thursday evening I’ll go in and finish it off.

We also went and saw Phone Booth – a pretty exciting little film, actually. Seeing matinees makes me feel less ripped off by movie theatres, which is good.

I also played quite a bit of Zelda – The Wind Waker this weekend, while Sandy did some cross-stitch crafts. Apparently I can get quite abrasive and angry while playing video games… I blame this on my Atari 2600, and specifically its horrible version of Donkey Kong – the hit detection is so bad/unforgiving, I can still remember getting so angry that I would tremble with rage and yell and scream at the screen. But anyways, The Wind Waker is like playing a movie. the simple design and animations can easily surprise me, especially when I’m beating up a bad guy with my sword and Link suddenly does this amazing flashy sword combo. I’ve just got to settle down and finish all of the games that I have before buying any new ones.


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