So apparently now my photo (as captured by the NYT) is gracing the desktop of Grant’s computer and my mom’s cube wall. I thought it would be a little self-centred of me to frame an article about myself, but I think I’m at least going to seal that newspaper in a plastic bag. I wish I had asked the photographer to send me a copy of the original image (he was shooting with some Canon EOS digital). He probably wouldn’t have, but if he had it would have been nice.

The Move: we’ll be moving around April 29th or 30th. I’ll be calling soon to see exactly when is the earliest we can do it. Both Sandy and I can’t wait to move. We’re also going to be getting a whole bunch of new furniture as well! No more crappy mis-matched stuff. Our new couch is sweeeeeet.

I think I’ve found our new Internet provider as well, in the most unusual place: the Toronto FreeNet. Seems that they now offer DSL in the Toronto area, and at fairly competitive prices as well – especially that 3Meg service! w00t! I’m sold. 3 meg DSL… [Homer drool sounds] I used to have an account at the FreeNet back in 1994… when you used your modem to dial into their proprietary system, from where you could use Lynx to browse web and gopher sites (gopher! how I miss thee!). I remember using ARCHIE and VERONICA to search FTP and gopher sites for cool images – this is when I began my love for M.C. Escher as well, I found tons of his images online. Anyways, once I get the DSL question figured out, then I can call Rogers about cancelling my cable internet… and then signing up for Cable TV. Oh, joy.

Oh, and the car’s supposed to be done today, FINALLY. There was a chance it was going to be done yesterday but it wasn’t. They said yesterday that all the body work and painting was done, all that was left was to get the new lock mechanism (I guess that means they hadn’t gotten the part yet?), re-code it, and put the door back together. I was given “around noon” as an estimate for when all this would be done. It’s now 2:35pm and no phone call… must have faith… must have faith…


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