damn you, me!!!

Today’s BTAF is hilarious.

  • Car fixed? Check. (not until this morning though…)
  • New DSL line ordered? Check.
  • Cancel cable internet for end of month and sign up for full cable, and change my billing address? … no, wait, that’s done now too. Excellent.

2 replies

  1. So does your DSL ISP give you a static IP?

  2. Yes! TFNet gives static IPs, and they don’t restrict servers either. They do have overall transfer caps (25GB for 1.5Mb service, 45GB for 3Gb service) but I’d have to really push it to exceed 45GB, so I’m not worried. Note that their DSL upload speeds are faster than most: you get 1500/384 or 3000/768!

    More info: http://tfnet.ca/

    I’m not sure if they provide service outside the GTA.