Archive for April 28th, 2003

Inflatable Church for a “mobile” wedding. I’d only call it “mobile” if it was attached to a semi trailer, but hey, that’s just me.

As you may or may not have heard, I’m moving to a new apartment this coming Thursday. Since a number of Newton sites are run by me, I though I’d give everyone here a heads-up of what sites may be down for an extended period of time. I do have a new 3Meg DSL connection […]

no… no more packing… must stop… boxes… cats… aaagh!

How can so much stuff be packed and yet so much stuff is still around? Will moving be awful, hellish hell or will our volunteer packers come through and not die of exhaustion? Tune in on Thursday… The Home Show sucks ass. Oh, and here is the BIG SECRET: all of the prices on the […]