As you may or may not have heard, I’m moving to a new apartment this coming Thursday. Since a number of Newton sites are run by me, I though I’d give everyone here a heads-up of what sites may be down for an extended period of time. I do have a new 3Meg DSL connection on order, but whether it is lit up on moving day or 8-9 days afterwards I don’t know yet. Hence this list:

SITES THAT WILL BE AFFECTED: this mirror will be completely down. Since all UNNA file submissions are run by this server, UNNA uploads will also be unavailable. -Error Codes DB ( will be completely down. -Searchable Newton Glossary ( will be completely down. -WikiWikiNewt ( will be completely down. -Misato NPDS Tracker Server ( will be completely down.

SITES THAT WILL NOT BE AFFECTED: -all other mirrors and my e-mail

I’ll still be able to read my e-mail and post here, don’t worry. I will likely be very busy for a few days assembling new furniture with tiny little allen keys.