Did I mention I hate Bell? I hate Bell.

Guess what happened last night? For no apparent reason, our phone line died! Zero! Nada! No power! No dial tone! No DSL line sync! I hate you Bell! I hate you!

And can anyone tell me where the demarcation line between my wires and Bell’s wires could be? No, I didn’t think so.


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  1. The answer is 16

  2. I hate bell as well, I’ve only lived in this province for eight months and upon every single freaking encounter I have had nothing but problems with this unbelievable company. I’m really hoping for some other company to provide phone service I will leave bell on principle

  3. For Bell Mobility, you should be able to select a rating below 1 (terrible)… This is the worst so called ‘customer service’ experience I have ever encountered!!! EVER!!! I am a long time (7 years) bell mobility paging customer. I recently purchase an 857 Blackberry (R.I.M.) and added it to my current subscription. I wanted the blackberry because it had both wireless email and also the paging function. So everything was fine for 2 months, then the Blackberry started acting up by resting it self. So I called customer service where I spoke with a service representative and he told me that Bell was migrating the 857 Blackberry out and they were giving us a 6750 blackberry. He told me to go to http://blackberrymigration.bellmobility.ca/index.htm and fill out the migration form. So I went to this web site and started filling out the form and when I got to the end it said ?check here, *I understand that I will no longer have paging functionality on my Blackberry 6750.? So when I read this I immediately called customers service where they told me that if I wanted a pager in my blackberry I would have to purchase a separate unit. I told them that I had just spent $600.00 on an 857 blackberry. So I went back to bell world and they explained to me that the blackberry 6750 Does NOT have any paging function and that it is a cell phone and wireless email. Also at bell world they showed me the rate plans and my current service costs me $25.00 and with the new blackberry 6750 it would be going up to $40.00 for the same wireless email. While I was in the store I asked the representative if there was a device that would best suit my needs and she said yes the Kyocera 7135 has all of the function of my current blackberry 857 and is able to have wireless email, paging and a cell phone. So I left bell world and went home and called customer service where I was rudely hung up on , transferred a dozen time to different departments because bell paging does not show information on cell phones and bell mobility cell phones does not show my information as a paging customer. So after getting very annoyed I asked to speak with a supervisor where the customer service rep told me there were none around. I said fine and he asked me what was wrong and I told him, so he wrote it all down on his computer in my account and asked me to leave a message on his supervisor?s voice mail ad the should get back to me in 1-2 days. So a week passed by and no one called me. So I called customer service for bell mobility paging back and demanded to speak with a supervisor and he told me there where none around then he asked if he could help. I gave him my information and told him to read my notes left by the other representative on my account. He read them said he could not help me and that his supervisor would have to help me. So he immediately put me through to his supervisor Julie Lamothe at 1-800-361-9119 ex: 3769. So I told her what was going on and I also told her that the Kyocera 7135 would best suit my needs so she said she would get back to me as soon as she talked to her manager about it. So the next day I get a call from Julie and she say I can offer you the Motorola PageWriter instead of the blackberry 6750. I told her that I would have to do some research on this product before I could accept it so she gave me a web site to go to look at the Motorola PageWriter http://www.motorola.ca/asp/english/pcs/Features_messaging.asp?Phone=PageWriter%202000x so I went there and did my research on the Motorola PageWriter and I found out that this particular product did a little more than my old pager it did the paging function and two-way text messaging. The PageWriter did not have any sort of wireless email, day planner or detailed address book which I have become a custom to using. Both the Kyocera and the blackberry have these functions. So I called Julie back and tried to explain this to her and she said? you have two choices the blackberry 6750 or the Motorola PageWriter? and I told her the neither of these models meet my needs. And so I said I did not want the PageWriter and she said that I have to get the blackberry 6750 or as of December 31, 2003 I will no longer have service to my current blackberry 857. I asked to speak with her manager and she said no because he will just tell me (Julie) to deal with it. I asked her six times for her manager and she would not give me his name, number or let me talk to him. She told me to fill out the migration form and I told her that I do not agree to the terms and conditions and she said that I have to fill it out because she need a conformation number. I told her that I still did not want the blackberry 6750 and that the Kyocera 7135 would best suit my needs. She said to fill out the migration for or she could do nothing more for me. So I filled it out and gave her the conformation number. So no I feel that I just wasted six weeks and twenty hours of my time to get absolutely no where. And I am also feeling very screwed. I’m not the one who promised products/services and didn’t deliver them. No, I’m not them – I’m the customer. I’m the customer who had to call them 30 times, the customer who was mislead, misinformed and mistreated (not to mention extremely pissed off)!!! But, you know what else I am? I’m the ex-customer who will tell my story to all my friends, co-workers, neighbors and family – whose friends will do the same that this is a company that doesn’t value anything – especially customers. It shouldn’t be called Bell Mobility; it should be called Bell No-ability!!!!!