from the “ticket systems that are a ripoff” department

I’ve long hated Every single movie at Famous Players has their ad in front of it, trumpeted about how easy it is, how you don’t have to line up, etc etc. What a crock of shit. I’ve never had to line up for tickets for two reasons: I always use the automated ticket machines to buy tickets (b/c I’m an Interac junkie), and if there is some HUGE event planned, there are usually always advance ticket sales (I bought tickets for LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring a month in advance). If you use, you get the convenience of being able to print your own tickets, but it COSTS AN EXTRA $1. Lame. Totally lame.

Ticketmaster is now doing a similar thing for some venues. You can print your tickets and then not have to pick them up, line up at will call, etc. But getting your tickets in the mail is $2.25. And TicketFast service (printing your own) is $2.50. But it seems that now mail service is only available for venues that don’t do TicketFast. Allow me to say: bastards!


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