Sept 19, 2003: Guster & Sam Roberts

On Friday night we went to the Guster & Sam Roberts concert. Even though technically Guster was opening for Sam Roberts, when they played in the states Sam actually opened for Guster. And besides, I’ve been a Guster fan for quite some time now so they get top billing in my books.

The concert was nothing short of a friggin’ great time. I’ve been waiting like five years to finally see Guster live, and they played all the songs I wanted to hear and kicked ass. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we were right at the front of the crowd, wedged between a steel barrier and 4,000 people. The best part was, when the roadies were tearing down Guster’s stuff to make room for Sam Roberts, someone else in the front row got one of the set lists that was taped to the stage, but I guess word had trickled down about how I was the biggest Guster fan in the audience and so they were nice enough to pass it down to me. I was in 7th heaven.

Sam Roberts kicked some serious ass too.

We left a bit early and talked to one of the Guster folks who was at the merch booth (and was also taking pictures right in front of us) and then waited outside near the GusBus to try and meet the band. Low and behold, we got to meet Adam and he signed my set list. Which kicked ass.


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