IKEA Walkthrough 2.3.1 – This is how I like to go through IKEA.

“As you enter the SHOWROOM, perform a rolling dodge to the left. Grab a free PAPER TAPE MEASURE and a handful of IKEA EMBLAZONED GOLF PENCILS from the kiosk near the entryway. The PENCILS serve quite well as ranged weapons, but it will take some time to master their use. Before venturing further in the world, stand at the kiosk and practice hurling GOLF PENCILS at patrons as they enter the SHOWROOM. Remember: Hitting the eyes does triple damage.

Seriously though. I live five minutes from the first IKEA built in Canada. It’s both good and bad: good because, well, it’s close, and bad because, well, versatile well-designed furniture is just a hop, skip and a drive away.


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  1. That’s awesome!! They should make one of those for grocery stores, Shopper’s Drugmart, and any big electronics store…