oh, what have I been working on?

I guess I’ve had no time to write. All of my previous entries scrolled off the front page!

  • Our house is firmed up! Yay! We’re moving in in under two months!
  • In advance of moving, we’re working on packing and getting rid of stuff we never unpacked from our last move, as well as trying to make and save as much money as we can before we move, so we can comfortably put up the closing costs as well as get a few little things for the new place.
  • Crazy busy! No new commitments for me for a long time…

Maybe later I’ll be able to put my thoughts down in a more coherent form…


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  1. Victor:
    A quick question, if you would:
    I just purchased, off eBay, a Newton 2100. (I don’t have it yet). I understand it powers up, but requires a PIN, which is unknown. When I get the Newton, how do I change, remove, work around, whatever-to get the Newton up and running properly. If anyone has the answer, I’m confident you will.
    Thanks, in advance, for your help.

  2. Thanks for great info