Some otherworldly force doesn’t want us to see the movie Hidalgo. Thrice we have planned to see it and thrice we have been denied by ourselves or others.

Last night was a prime example, as our delivery from Grocery Gateway was over an hour late. For no real good reason from what I can tell… the first CSR on the phone said that the driver was “held up” by someone on his route. Also, they had no idea that the driver was late until I called, which was right at the end of the delivery window (8pm). So, he wasn’t going to let them know he was late? It would have been a good thing to do.

Finally the driver showed up an hour and a half after the end of the window. He said he was ‘busy’. They credited us for a free delivery next time… but in the meantime I spend a lot of time waiting for someone who wasn’t going to show up. I had to go to the post office (didn’t happen) and we were going to go to the movies, and both of those got screwed up.