one down, seven to go…

We painted our bedroom on Saturday. I think it turned out quite well… it’s nice to have some colour on the walls finally! And to be able to hang things on the wall (which I have to get to… ulp)

On Sunday was Sandy’s wedding shower! We got a bunch of various stuff for the house and garden… luckily there was not much overlap with what we have, because we already have a lot of stuff.

Oh, I should mention that we did register for the shower/wedding at Sears. In case anyone reading this needs to know.

Tomorrow Sandy gets her Custom LASIK eye surgery. It’s exciting that she won’t have to wear glasses anymore! Personally I’m really used to wearing glasses and I just got new glasses. But we’ll see what time and money permit…


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  1. You’ve gotta post about LASIK, and how that went. I’m seriously considering doing it, but I read that often people have difficulty staring at computer screens all day after it’s been done.