on the eMate front…

I didn’t really write about this yet, but two weeks ago we got two Apple eMate 300s. They were quite a steal so I couldn’t pass them up. The eMate makes a great little word processing machine, and is quite usable with the memory upgrade. Sandy’s came with one already installed and I got one for mine shortly thereafter. It’s still an eye-catcher, when I pull it out on the train to tap out my thoughts I get lots of looks and sometimes a few stares.


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  1. Cool! We got 11 – 2100’s and 15 eMates recently too… There great, There going to have a home at a school soon..

  2. You should post more of those thoughts to your website!! ;o)

  3. Yes I intend on add some to my site, and since I got 10 more plus a big box of the Apple newton 2×00 stuff like card, modems, seiral connector, ac’s, etc. There should be a lot. also I just like to say Apple had great tecnology (newton) but when Steve came back he needed to get rid of less profitalbe items like the newtons, but if apple would have kept going they would be the Palm Pilot of today… And even better. But don’t get me wrong steve did the right thing by cuting less profitalbe items.

    ~Mark Jozaitis