happier things that we did this past weekend

Besides caring for Oliver, we did do some other stuff this weekend:

  • On Friday we went to the last Erin Smith Band show for… a long time! Mike, their drummer, is off to BC for a while, so the band is going on an official hiatus. Nia at C’est What was packed and most of the people were friends of the band it seemed. They had tons of special guests on stage and the show was amazing, just awesome. It was also sad as everyone’s going to miss the band’s amazing energy and talent.
  • On Sunday Sandy’s folks delivered the rest of our wedding presents – specifically, the ones that wouldn’t fit in our car:
    • A backyard bench swing
    • A wooden bench
    • A fountain for the backyard

    They also delivered my birthday present, a few days early, but I don’t mind. I knew what it was going to be anyways: a brand spankin’ new ViewSonic Pro Series P95f+ monitor! Mmmm…. screen real estate. Thanks to Sandy, Brian, Jane, Mike, Nicole, and Raven!


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