John Shirley on marketing turning into brainwashing

In this guestblog writeup on, John Shirley talks about what I’ve been thinking about marketing for the last 10 years: the lack of ethics, and the extreme tinkering with brain control going on.

Best part of the writeup:

A marketing guy at Toyota complains–he’s complaining about this!–that young people “have the total ability to block out anything they don’t want to get through…that’s what makes this animal so scary.” The Wired writers don’t seem to see, no one seems to see, which animal is really scary. What’s scary, dude, is that you think it’s scary that these guys have the free will to block out your advertising. Hey, there’s media overload, in our society, there’s advertising OD; people learn to block it out or their brains crash like an overtaxed computer.

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