A novel way to get a job…

I was walking downtown at lunchtime today and saw this guy standing outside First Canadian Place at Bay and King – arguably the busiest intersection in Toronto, and the centre of the financial district. A novel way to try and get a job, that’s for sure. Maybe he should have a phone number or something on his sign – or is that considered soliciting? Click for the full-size image.


Title on the sign:

I am a Knowledgeable & Experienced
Seeking A Position To Continue My Career

One reply

  1. Dude, that is more sad than a bum in dirty clothes holding out a cup. The poor guy having to swallow his pride and beg… but still clinging to his dignity.
    And man, look how old he is. Obviously by now he must have earned the nice suit he’s wearing and the pride that’s slipping slowly off his shoulders. It’s seems so cruel for someone so close to the end of their career to be in that position. But somehow still noble in the way he’s obviously willing to start again at… literally nothing but a sidewalk, and a sign.
    Man I don’t like that picture at all…