Jerky jerks who drive jerking cars

You might remember that I think people who drive less than 2km to the GO station are stupid. I encountered a prime example of this behaviour this morning.

About 10 houses up the street from me, and along my daily walking route, lives a husband and wife who leave for work every morning in separate cars, at about the same time that I happen to walk by in the morning. I’ve seen the wife’s car in the GO station lot often, and she usually takes the same train home as me. This morning I left the house earlier than usual and didn’t see them leave, but I saw them pull into the GO parking lot – both of them. The wife parked her car and then got in the other car with her husband and drove away. So, she doesn’t even take the train to work in the morning, but gets a ride to wherever it is, and then when she takes the train home her car just has to be there for her to drive home. Most days, I arrive outside her house on foot at the exact same time she is pulling into the street. If I could just shake some sense into people…


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  1. That’s hilarious! They purchased a car just for the 2 minute drive to and from the station! People like that should be shipped to Iraq to fight for their crude oil!