AppleTV teh suck.

So apparently Apple made this thing called AppleTV. I was reading about it over at stevenf’s site. So, for $299 you get a thing with a pithy 40GB of disk to play videos and music on your home TV or theatre. So… you can pay that much or you can get an xbox, run XBMC, and keep $150… OK OK so the Apple thing is wireless and has HDMI. But still, 40GB does not seem like a lot of space. And XBMC is damn easy to use.


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  1. The HD doesn’t matter… it streams from 5 other computers. I have only a small bit of storage used on the AppleTV itself and have it connected to a server for streaming movies, tv, and music. I used to run XBMC, but it can’t do HD, and can’t play anything I’ve bought on iTunes. It was a great solution a few years ago but I’ve since moved on.

    One other thing – the AppleTV is wife friendly. XBMC really isn’t.