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When did physical activity become so difficult?

We played some pickup volleyball last night at Sandy’s school, and man am I one hurting unit today. I ran around like a rag doll for an hour and a half, hitting the ball off the ceiling about half the time. Some things I remembered: Volleyballs like to bounce! A lot! You don’t have to […]

Two weeks of vacation have been pretty good to me. True, I’ve been lazy as hell but I deserve to be lazy as hell! Right now I’m fed up with trying to build software on my Pepper Pad 2 so I’m writing here. Friggin’ five year old version of autoconf and automake do NOT make […]

Safari’s strictness

Apple’s Safari browser is pretty strict when it comes to certain things in JavaScript. For starters the ECMAScript set of future reserved words are already reserved words in SafariScript. Things like “super” or “export” or “static” are no-go. Second, I just found this oddity. I’d written some code like this: var q = document.getElementById(‘foo’).childNodes; for […]

Definitions of PATH walkers

phone-walker: talking on a cell phone and meandering slowly and aimlessly as if drunk, often bumping into people and children shoe-shopper: that woman who always DIVES right in front of me in front of the shoe store in BCE place to check out what’s on the bargain table. This happens once a week, I’m not […]

T.O. is under water, and other news

Holy crap is it raining. St. James Park across the street is now St. James River, flowing right down the middle of the park and emptying into King St. Oh, we got a Nintendo Wii 😉 Boy is it fun.

An interesting observation

My boss pointed out yesterday that, at our little office of 16 people, I’ve been there the 5th longest. Spooky.

Aaaand the DSL is good!

Turns out it wasn’t a problem with my BSW (the wire from the brown pedestal to my house). It was with my F2 pair (the wire from the pedestal out to the big brown box on the side of the road).

Morning conversations…

Yesterday morning: RING RING… TekSavvy technical support, Nick speaking… Hi, my DSL is flapping up and down yet again, can you run a sync test please? Sure thing sir… yes, wow, your stats are terrible – this must be a line problem – would you like me to open a ticket with Bell? YES – […]

Real mobile Wikipedia

I’ve seen lots of talk recently about ‘mobile’ versions of Wikipedia. I’m a big fan of Wikipedia and I use it all the time. I’ve looked at all of the “solutions” for so-called mobile versions of Wikipedia and they all suck. First of all, many of them require full-on ‘net access or a cell phone, […]

Impressions: Pepper Pad 3 vs. Pad 2

Pepper Pad 3 vs. Pad 2, originally uploaded by chuma_. Showing up about a week early is my wife’s Pepper Pad 3. I thought the Pad 2 was pretty darn cool, but the new model is a definite improvement. First of all it came pre-loaded with Pepper Keeper 3.0, which I can’t wait to get […]