NewtPackageFlags 1.3 is a utility to manipulate the package options stored within the header of a Newton package file. With NewtPackageFlag you can view and modify the following header information:

  • Package Compression (package will be compressed when installed)
  • Fast package compression (faster algorithm, less compression)
  • Auto remove (package will automatically be removed after it is installed)
  • Copy Protection (once installed, package cannot be sent to another Newton via e-mail or beaming)
  • Relocation info flag (also used to determine if a package is only for NOS 2.x devices)
  • Number of parts contained within package (cannot be modified, only viewed)
  • Package name (cannot be modified, only viewed)
  • Package copyright string (cannot be modified, only viewed)
  • Package version (cannot be modified, only viewed)
  • Package build date (cannot be modified, only viewed)
  • Package part entries (cannot be modified, only viewed)

Get it already.


I have also created a version of NewtPackageFlags as a Perl script. It won’t let you modify the flags but it will print the information about the package. It also contains code (disabled, but easily implemented) that will extract a PICT image out of a NewtonBook if one exists and write it to a file.

Perl script source


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