try to walk away and I stumble

It’s really hard to believe that I survived my second year of university. Well, I’m not quite done, still got two more exams to write, but I don’t expect to di e during them. I can easily look back and say “this has been one really fucked up year” which, ironic enough, is probably exactly what I said at the end of las t year. I gained a ton of new friends this year, which I actually didn’t expect – I guess I thought it was going to be like UTS (my high school) where I’d go b ack to the same old crew, year after year, but it’s not. University is fluid.
It’s madness. It’s crazy. And I love it. I’ve already got my plate full of th ings to do – although I’m leaving the Com puter Science Club I’m already diving head first into college government. W ill I survive? Will I go on academie probation after this semester? Only time (and the registrar) will tell.

Song: Macy Gray – I Try
I heard this song and also saw the video for the first time on April 7th at the CASU Council end-of-year house party. I then totally forgot about it until toda y when I checked up on Calum’s journal and noticed that he had just picked it up. S o I grabbed a copy and it’s on repeat in Winamp right now. The lyrics are simpl e but remind me of all those times when I did something stupid and just wish I c ould go back in time and do the right thing. I’m going to invent a time machine . Yeah.


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