tiny good things

So I lost my security pass for work two days ago. I went to the building management office yesterday to order a new one, it costs $25. In the meantime I’ve been signing myself in at the front desk.

So I go this morning to pick up my replacement pass, $25 in hand. But wait! They’re not allowed to take cash. I don’t have anything else. And here is where being friends with the building management & security people is key: since the person knew me, she gave me my replacement gratis and said “Oh, this replacement pass stuff is silly anyways.” Cool.

The other day Oliver (the cat) killed our multi-remote. (It’s probably just a loose or broken battery connection, but I haven’t snapped the thing apart to look at it yet). This morning I discovered that he has broken the front output tray on my Personal LaserWriter NTR. DAMMIT! I use the front output because I usually put stuff on top of my printer, blocking the top output. When we move I’ll have to put my things such that the top output isn’t blocked… as you can see from the link Sun Remarketing doesn’t even have that part, which means it’s never getting fixed…


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  1. How difficult was it to get the LaserWriter up and running on a PC (or is that what NTR stands for?)

  2. Yeah, the NTR has a PC Parallel port as well as a Mac serial port. The best of both worlds. The parallel port is connected to my Linux server, which runs the standard lpr UNIX daemon for network printing. My Windows PCs print to it using Win2k/XP built-in support for UNIX network printers. I could have used SAMBA, but this works.

    My Newton prints to it via a standard Mac printer cable. Sweetness.