sooothing music…..yes, with three o’s……. is good for forgetting about stupid contractors who trash our things and don’t plug in the refrigerator so that ALL OUR FOOD GOES BAD AND I WANT TO BE ABLE TO HIT HIM IN THE FACE WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER AND THEN GIVE IT SO SANDY SO SHE CAN DO IT BECAUSE IT DOES MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER, annoying claim adjustors, frustrating drives from guelph -&rt; toronto -&rt; guelph, did I mention insurance claim adjustors? oh yeah. I did. uhh, broken cell phone getting fixed, being cellphoneless (two years ago that wouldn’t have pissed me off, but it does now, grr [throws sharp things at Motorola]), the body shop was at 354 Richmond, not 254, and oh yeah Richmond is a one-way street, so fuck I have to drive around the block, and it’s 9:30 and I should be at work, not that my boss really cares so long as the work gets done, but fuck it I care, and this is going to take 2-3 days to fix and you can’t take it in until Monday?

slip into some comfortable relaxing house music, like a soft fleece robe after you get out of a hot shower. close eyes and just make everything go limp for a minute. think about moving to new apartment, not having to drive to get to work, man the TTC is like a cocktail party compared to the mosh pit of the 401, getting new furniture because you can afford it now, dammit, and this place is not going to be mismatched, it will be lovely and so much more room, with an actual tub that won’t be like showering inside a torpedo tube, and new floors and so much more room and being next to everything in a nice building that isn’t like a housing project, and is close or closer to everything important.

then my list of work doesn’t look so bad, I mean, heck, it’s a cakewalk once I sit down and do it. I think I’ll do that now, before sushi lunch. yes, sushi goddammit. i want sushi.


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