Moving from Pad 2 to Pad 3…

Well, I recently decided to move off of my Pepper Pad 2 onto the Pad 3 that my wife is no longer using. Problem is, there’s a few things that I really like about the older model that I’ll miss.

The screen size, for one. 800×600 has become 800×480. It’s amazing the difference 120 pixels makes. I’ve been running the pp3 in full-screen browsing mode and making a lot of use of the switch-tab keyboard shortcuts. I just wish that there was some kind of visual feedback that told me the title of the tab when I switch to it, and that there was a keypad shortcut to view the bookmarks for the tab.

The screen quality is another thing. The PP2’s screen seems to have a higher (colour temperature)[] than the new model. Also the brightness settings on the Pad 3 are like staring into the sun: I always keep it on the lowest setting.


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