playground love

Score from The Virgin Suicides: very cool. Go buy it. Air deserves your money.

I really want to go to a concert. During exams last semester I really wanted to drop everything, drive down to Buffalo and see Guster and Barenaked Ladies. After that, I could have died the happiest man alive. I really want to see BNL live but I also want to see Guster. Guster’s back in the studio recording, though. Cait and Joy are going to get tickets for the U2 concert in Toronto on May 24 (what a good day for a concert in Canada – May two-four!)

I decided that I’m going to come back “home” to Toronto for the summer, ’cause I like working there and I need to work there. I’m so broke right now it’s not funny. I’m not so afraid of my parents anymore either.

“I have my snark rights” –Cait

I should record more quotes down in my Newton.

I changed the title of this page, but I’m thinking I should change the colours or the photo as well. Last night I collected most of the photos I’ve taken on my computer and shoved them all into one directory so maybe I’ll look in there and try to find something cool.

Looks at web logs… how the heck did someone find my site from Yahooligans?


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