still tweakin’

I’m still playing around with the design, of course. I’ve gone back to my yellow, green, and light grey colour scheme for now – I liked it on the old site, so I decided to keep it. Oh, BTW, if you’d like to see what my old page looked like for comparison, it’s still here. I’m not sure if I like the menu-on-left look, but I do want to keep the calendar on there, and if there was no menu on the left then I don’t know where I’d put it. Ideas, anyone?

I took a photo yesterday that I was going to use for the top of the page. I work on the 17th floor, so I took a shot out the window of a nearby empty meeting room, looking west. Unfortunately, my new camera is so good that it caught the dirt on the outside of the windowpane, making the photo look brown and ugly 🙁

I’ve still got to write a Perl script to process all of my old entries so that I can put them into the archives in MT. If I don’t have too much work today, I should be able to bang that out pretty quickly.


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