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Yes, well, it seems that it’s time for my semi-regular list of project I’m working on so hard that I don’t have time to talk to any of my friends!

  • Still working hard every day at work (
  • Doing work on my Newton Resources site – currently I’m working on a page that will let people report and comment on bugs in NewtonOS
  • Decided what I’m going to do with NewtDump – I’m going to scrap the VB I have now and do a total rewrite in Tcl/Tk (for portability mostly, also because I hate the “modularity” that VB uses, stupid VB errors, etc.)
  • Speaking of Newtons, my Newton has been a little sick recently – I spent all night last night working on it to no avail.
  • I should be working on things for various college governments back at the university, but I can’t find the time at all.
  • This friday I’m moving into my sister’s apartment for six weeks to take care of her cats while she’s away on vacation.

This weekend some friends and I ahem playtested the Degrassi drinking game. IMHO, it passed with flying colours. (Jordan, send me the revisions again – I don’t know where I put them.)


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