List of all my DVDs

My DVD List – List Titles I Own – finally, I have easily made a database of all of the DVDs that I own.

I did this by:

  • “Borrowing” a huge list of DVD titles, UPCs, etc from a website with a less-than-secure CGI script (no, I’m not telling where)
  • Cross-referencing that data with a local copy of IMDB
  • Dumping the data into a MySQL database
  • Writing a quick and dirty interface using PHP
  • Using my serial barcode wand, scanned the barcodes on all of my DVDs – if the codes were found then it marked the entries that I have. If the code wasn’t found, then I had to enter them in manually – mostly these were Canadian-specific releases from Alliance Atlantis. For box sets that didn’t have barcodes on them anymore, I found them in the database, printed off their barcodes and taped them on.

Yes, I’m a total nerd. But now I know exactly what I do and don’t own!


One reply

  1. Excellent.
    Now please expose your database (the full one, not just your movies) to the world through a web service so that all may revel in it’s splendor.