a nation whispers they always knew that he’d go free

So many thing have happened to me in the past week.

Tomorrow I’m moving into my sister’s apartement for six weeks to take care of hers two cats. (They have no names – they’re usually refered to as “little guy” and “big guy”). I’ve done this before, so I’m cool with it, and it’s way closer to work for me (20min streetcar ride instead of hour-plus bus-ride-along-Sheppard-and-subway). But in this case I wish I was going with her, as she’s visiting my grandparents back in Yugoslavia. I haven’t been there since I was 16, and it’s really a beautiful place (although I’m sure it’s slightly less beautiful now since the United States decided to bomb the hell out of it last year). I should post the photos I took. Anyways. It’s also a lot of moving – a month after I move back home I’m moving back to Guelph for the fall semester. Not that I mind, but my computer is a rather large beast.

I get sick of living in the suburbs real fast. It makes no real sense to me, as everything I do is in downtown Toronto: work, friends, events, down to shops, bars, and pubs. There is nothing in Scarborough (except for Johnny’s Hamburgers, and Han River Sushi. Oh – and who can forget Mr. Wong’s Super Buffet!)

Last weekend was the play-testing of the Degrassi drinking game at my house. In Scarborough. This was very strange for me. None of my friends live nearby, so I can count the number of friends that have visited my house on both my hands (and yes, I have more friends than that).

My girlfriend Meredith has just gone away for the rest of the summer. We basicially had to break up on Wednesday. I really wish there was more time for us to be together, but there isn’t: by the time she gets back, I’m going to be leaving for Guelph, and she’s leaving for Nepal at the end of October. In a nutshell, this really fucking sucks. The first relationship I’ve ever had that I felt was really meaningful and, well,, just right, and something stupid like geography or school has to fuck up the whole works.

I will not cry at work.

I’m finally getting my UNNA idea off the ground. A Unified Network of Newton Archives has been one of my dreams for a while now, and I think it’s finally going to happen this time. A dedicated server has been secured thanks to the generosity of the community, and I’ve registered the domain name (unna.org). I’ve been collecting the current potpourri of archives and they’re all sitting on my hard drive, waiting to be unleashed. I’ve got 1.8GB of compressed archives lying around. Most of these are probably duplicates, but that’s a LOT of data.

I’ve got to pick out a new set of glasses soon.

Funny how people always bitch in their diaries. There was a note about that in the afterword of Kafka’s Diaries, but I don’t have it here right now so I can’t quote it.


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