i used to sit and watch the pouring rain

I know I’ve used that title before. I don’t care about repeating titles anymore though.

Today the big thing was the CASU elections. I was running uncontested for Chairperson, and I got it! Yay me! Sandy got Treasurer, and the rest were filled by new people (except for Secretary, which is unfilled). I’m looking forward to working with some new, fresh people with new ideas, full of enthusiasm.

Last night at midnight I realized that I had an assignment due at 4pm today. After hitting myself over the head for a while, I got it done and handed it in on time.

The latest Mozilla build is so fast that I can now use the Modern skin comfortably! Yippy Skippy!

Sandy is feeling better now too. Tomorrow we’re going out for our six month anniversary (which is actually on Thursday, but Sandy has to work).


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