pigs and… pigs.

Two people have now written me about seeing these kinds of billboards around. I saw another ‘I Love You’ pig at Pharmacy & Sheppard in Scarborough. I haven’t seen the ‘It’s a Boy!’ one yet. Any more sightings?


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  1. There’s two that I’ve seen in London, both itsaboy and iloveyou — sequel to Babe maybe? Or perhaps it’s a telecommunications company rebranding?

  2. That font does really remind me of Telus…

  3. Yeah, i was thinking the same thing — plus the white background, and the animal images… but if it is, this is the first time i’ve seen them use pigs.

  4. Perhaps they’re launching a new service – like Rogers new ‘totalphone’ – aimed at burying Fido. That certainly seems to be what totalphone is all about: monthly but no contract.

  5. that is MY FAVOURITE AD, EVER.

    i’ve only seen it at the corner of yonge & gloucester, and i walk by it every day and LOVE IT.

    so victor, hmm hmm why not?

  6. I saw a new one!
    This one was on a bus. It was the same pig but facing away, and looking over it’s shoulder. The caption read “I’m a little behind”
    Curiouser and curiouser