all hands on the bad one

Well, I can’t wait for the technical issues to get sorted out – I need to write in here. I guess after writing in here since April I’ve gotten dependent on it.

Last night was very, very strange. Myself and a bunch of friends were having dinner and then going out for my friend Tony’s birthday. I showed up at my girlfriend’s house at 6, as this is where dinner was being prepared by my friend Nic (excellent dinner, Nic!). I went into the kitchen to see if I could help and quickly got conscripted into chopping vegetables for the salad. A few minutes later I was chopping some onions and momentarially stopped paying attention to the distance between the sharp knife I was weilding and my left hand, and proceeded to slice into my thumb.

Needless to say, this fucking hurt a lot. I had cut through part of my fingernail and made a nice deep cut in the end of my thumb, nearly taking an entire chunk of flesh out of it (but not quite). I managed to get two band-aids on it but soon realized that this was not going to be enough. Sandy came to my aid and securely wrapped my thumb in gauze and tape. Soon afterwards the bleeding stopped, and I was alright except for the pain.

Tony and Erin arrived late, but they were allowed because it was Tony’s birthday 🙂 We ate, sang happy birthday, he opened his presents, and we all watched the Simpsons on TV and drank plentiful champagne, wine, and other liquors. Sandy looked very beautiful.

We eventually made it to the Woolwich Arms pub. Sandy and I were being less-than-subtle in displaying our affections, but I didn’t care if anyone was watching us. I was having great fun, and so was everyone else.

We eventually left the pub as our final destination for the evening was to be The Underground for some dancing. I had been telling Sandy all week that I’d have to get right drunk before I’d get out onto the dance floor, but honestly I knew I would have fun and was looking forward to going.

Then I looked at my thumb and noticed that it was hurting lots more and was bleeding again. It didn’t feel good, and I knew that it should be looked at by a doctor. I caught up to Sandy and told her that I needed to go back to the house. I knew that she was really looking forward to the night and felt bad and stupid for ruining her night by driving a knife into my thumb. In my mind I wanted her to stay and have fun, so when after I said goodbye to my friends I was shocked that she was coming with me.

We took a cab back into the house and I unwrapped my wound to find it bleeding strong. The part of my nail that I had sliced into was still hanging on and it was only in the way so I had to cut it off. I cut through the bit of the nail that was still attached, and tried to pull it off but FUCK that hurt. Sandy asked me if I wanted her to redress it or if I wanted to go to the hospital. I was holding my thumb underneath the running water in the bathroom sink and the water going into the drain had red streaks through it. I decided to go to the hospital.

All through this I was so glad to have someone by my side helping me. I’m sure I could have dealt with it alone if I had to, but it was good to have someone to talk to and comfort me and take my mind off my bleeding thumb while I was waiting in the suture room in Guelph General Hospital at 1 am.

So I got stitched up (one of the stitches went through my fingernail – neat!) and we went back to the house. Everyone was back from dancing and were watching the Dark Crystal – except for people who had gone to bed or Nic who was snoring on the couch 🙂 My finger still throbs and I’m going to get a Tetnus shot at Health Services on Monday (if I can find someone to go with me, last time I had one as a kid I had a very bad reaction) but it’ll all be good. I am lucky to have people who care about me and want to see me better, and I love them more than anything in the whole world, and would do anything for them.

Does this count as a story? 🙂


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