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I don’t think I could ever deal with being in advertising. Of all the ads I see , over 90% are total crap IMO. I don’t think I could ever deal with lowering my creative standards so low that I would have to turn out such utter crap just be cause that’s what the client wants. My favourite example is McCain’s ongoing to tally lame campaign. I have never, ever, ever seen a decent McCain’s commercial . Ever. I really don’t think Roberto Alomar or Elvis Stojko can sell fruit jui ce, or telling people that concentrated orange juice contains the juice of 16 or anges really matters.

Lots of web site work to do today. I’ve got a list of about 10 things to do, mo stly on Newton Resources.

In case you didn’t know, Bob the Angry Flow er is da bomb.

Thi s is really making me want to buy a Dreamcast. Let’s count the features: co nnects to my Neo Geo Pocket Color, plays classic Sega Genesis/Megadrive and TG16 /PC Engine games, and might play PSX games (and I was considering getting a PS1 cheap soon), as well as those Dreamcast titles. Sweeet (yes, with three e’s).
Now if only I had large amounts of disposable income, and large amount of free t ime to play.

Song: James Brown – Get Up (I feel like being a Sex Machine), Pt. 1
Don’t ask. I’ve been having recurring James Brown cravings. I finally foun d my CD too.


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